• The University opens a new edition of "La Escena Contemporánea" with four national shows

    January 28, 2014

    The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Town Council of Oviedo, offers some of the most important plays and dance shows of the Spanish circuit

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    Starting on Thursday, January 30, the University will be offering a new edition of La Escena Contemporánea (3rd Exhibition of Contemporary Drama) with for national shows. The drama exhibition, organized by the academic institution in collaboration with the Town Council of Oviedo, will bring to the Filarmónica Theater some of the pieces that tour the main drama circuits of the country, free of charge until maximum capacity is reached.

    After the extraordinarily positive reception of the two previous editions, La Escena Contemporánea offers once again to the Asturian audiences the most celebrated drama and dance shows of our days, with risky stagings and themes of social interest: drama to enjoy and think. All the sessions will take place at the Filarmónica Theater at 20:00.

    The ULTRAinocencia show, by the Catalan company, first staged in October 2013, inaugurates the exhibition on Thursday, January 30, with a show that combines textual drama, object drama, dance, acrobatics and clown. The company offers a "drama aimed at the instincts". David Climent and Pablo Molinero, in direction and interpretation respectively, stage a play "to see that everything is fiction and stop fighting against reality. To not believe it; to create another one".

    La noche delante de los bosques, an adaptation of the play written by French playwright Bernard-Marie Koltès (1948-1989), arrives at the Filarmónica Theater on February 13 with Microbiana Teatro and a version by Pablo Víllora. The actor and founder of the company, Mario Benítez, takes the stage to portray a character without a name who presents himself as a foreigner alone in a French city.

    Pequeños actos pseudorrevolucionarios, by the company Ibuprofeno Teatro, is the third part of La Escena Contemporánea. Marián Bañobre and Santiago Cortegoso stage a comical-political-absurdist show based on texts written through a process of collective research and creation, whose main characters are two people who decide to start a protest to express their disagreement with the functioning or the meaning of some public or private institution. A very original staging recreates the universe of childhood games, with Famóbil's "clicks" or Monopoly cash.

    Bach closes the 3rd Exhibition of Contemporary Drama of the University of Oviedo, on February 27, by the Mal Pelo company. The play combines the contemporary dance of María Muñoz, National Dance Award in 2009, with J. S. Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier, performed by Glenn Gould. In the show, Muñoz is a black spot against a white, void background. This show has been staged more than 80 times in Europe, the United States and the Near East since its debut in 2004.