• The Electronic Office of the University of Oviedo incorporates new applications for signing and validation.

    January 13, 2012

    The timestamp validator and the client electronic signature join other verification tools.

    The Innovation Centre (C1NN ) of the Vice-Rector's Office for IT of the University of Oviedo has included a new timestamp validation tool in the Electronic Office of the University. This is a functionality that joins the recently installed client of electronic signature and the rest of applications of electronic signing and validation.

    The timestamp validator is a service which checks the validity of timestamps in electronic documents. With it, one can check whether a document has been correctly stamped, checking the original electronic one against the file created in the stamping (Base64 format). Time stamping is of great importance to prove that an electronic document and its data have existed and have not been altered since a given moment. These processes complement the digital signature system.

    The University of Oviedo is pioneer in the introduction of the application of timestamp validator in a university electronic office. The development of the electronic administration is one of the main lines of work of the C1NN.