• Kawamura teacher has joined the Fine Arts Academy of Seville

    February 22, 2011

    She is internationally regarded as a great specialist in the Japanese lacquer of Namban period.

    Yayoi Kawamura, teacher of the Art History and Musicology Department of the University of Oviedo will take up her post as Correspondent Academic in Oviedo from the Royal Fine Arts Academy of Saint Isabel of Hungary of Seville. Before collecting the diploma which will give her this distinction, she will give a conference whose title is "Japanese lacquer of the Namban period: Seville open to the East through the Sea". It will be held in the Academy's head office (C/ Abades, 14 - Seville-) at 20h.

    Kawamura teacher has lived in Oviedo for more than thirty years and she is considered a great expert in the Urushi study (Japanese lacquer) of Namban period.

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