• The Faculty of Philosophy and Letters holds its Cultural Week with an interdisciplinary and enriching program

    April 13, 2012

    Between 16 and 20 April, they will offer documentaries, music, lectures, workshops, presentations, round tables and even a basketball match.

    Poster of the I Cultural Week of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

    The Faculty of Philosophy and Letters has organised a complete program of activities for its I Cultural Week, with the objective of broading students' intellectual and creative horizons, giving a chance to get closer to enriching experiences and promoting interdisciplinary dialogue which highlights the contribution of Humanities to the knowledge of the current world.

    On Monday, 16 April, at 10 am., it will take place the opening ceremony of a program which includes writing workshops, ceramics, musical improvisation; documentary showing, concerts, round tables, exhibitions and a basketball match between lecturers and students.

    The program's milestones are:

    • Monday, 16 April:
      • Presentation, showing and discussion of the documentary "Las Constituyentes" (Oliva Acosta, 2011).
      • Creative writing workshop (Ismael Pimera Tarque) and musical improvisation workshop (Adolfo Reisin).
    • Tuesday, 16 April:
      • Opening of the "Tempus Barbaricum" exhibition and lecture by lecturer Francisco José Moreno Arrastio on the same.
      • Short films showing and awards ceremony.
      • Concert by "El patio de mi casa".
      • Artistic ceremics workshop (Manuel Cimadevilla).
    • Wednesday, 18 April:
      • Presentation of "Diccionario crítico de directoras europeas" and showing of the film "La souriante Madame Beudet".
      • Creative writing workshop (Ismael Piñera Tarque) and musical improvisation workshop (Rebeca Velasco, Alejandro Lafuente and Xaime Arias).
    • Thursday, 19 April:
      • Felpeyu's concert.
      • Artistic ceramics workshop (Manuel Cimadevilla).
    • Friday, 20 April:
      • Round table: "¿Miembros y miembras, médicos y médicas? Lenguaje sexista, ¿sí o no?".
      • Basketball match between lecturers and students.

    All the details concerning schedules and location of the activities can be checked in the enclosed document.

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