• "La Escena Ambulante" tours the Principality with the best Asturian professional drama

    April 25, 2013

    The cycle, organized by the University of Oviedo, will take plays by five companies to a dozen localities in free performances

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    The University of Oviedo presents the second edition of "La Escena Ambulante", a cycle that will take the drama made in Asturias to the stages of a dozen localities of the Principality of Asturias from April to July. The staging will begin tomorrow, Friday 26th, with the performance by Konjuro Teatro at the high school of Luarca, starting at 20:00.

    Five Asturian professional theater companies participate "La Escena Ambulante", a cycle organized by the Office of the Vice-Rector for University Extension and Communication, whose plays offer a variety of styles and authors. The entrance will be free until all the seats are taken for all performances, which will take place in Vegadeo, Cudillero, Pola de Laviana, Pravia, Cangas del Narcea, La Fresneda, Moreda, Luarca, Tineo and La Caridad

    The program proposes a wide range of plays to choose from. From comedies and the most daring and stark criticism, to the tribute to the greatest authors, such as Lorca or Shakespeare. The program does not forget socially-minded drama, and includes plays that invite the public to reflect on the current situation and the most recent past.

    From Lorca and Shakespeare to "punk customs"

    Jorge Moreno and Konjuro Teatro turn the coupt d'etat upside down and transform it into a tragicomedy that revives a soldier who longs for the past regime and who is accompanied by a confidant used to both the underworld and the cream of the crop. In "F23", they will offer a poignant and ironic view of one of the events that has defined the recent history of our country.

    The last night that Lorca spent at the cliff of Víznar before being executed is the stage chosen by Teatro del Norte for their play "Muerte de un Poeta. Federico García Lorca". This is a night when reality and fiction intertwine to bring the world of the magnificent poet from Andalusia closer to the public.

    A balance of three very different lives from a feminine perspective is the basis for "Lentas pero Seguras", a play by Laura Iglesias produced by the Higiénico Papel company. Three women meet during jogging sessions and decide to slow down and start "walking through life".

    "Sirvientes y Bufones" wants to make the audience laugh by placing them in a funeral. The play by Sandro Cordero, staged by Teatro del Cuervo, pays homage to secondary actors and one of the greatest playwrights of all times: William Shakespeare.

    The daring parody of Planeta Joselín offers the audience the opportunity to attend a "pure breed" Asturian comedy. Escena Apache stages the reality of a hilarious Asturian family, with special emphasis on the "punk customs".




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    Friday, April 26, 20:00

    LUARCA. Theater of IES de Luarca

    Friday, May 17, 20:00

    PRAVIA. José Barrera Auditorium

    TEATRO DEL CUERVO. Criados y bufones

    Friday, May 17, 20:00

    LA FRESNEDA. Salón de actos del Centro Cultural

    Sábado, June 1, 20:00

    POLA DE LAVIANA. Salón de actos de la Casa de Cultura

    HIGIÉNICO PAPEL. Lentas pero seguras

    Thursday, May 23, 20:00

    MOREDA. Centro Cultural de Moreda

    Friday, May 24, 20:00

    CUDILLERO. Salón de actos de la Casa de Cultura

    TEATRO DEL NORTE. Muerte de un poeta: Federico García Lorca

    Thursday, May 23, 20:00

    VEGADEO. Salón de actos de la Casa de Cultura

    Friday, May 24, 20:00

    LA CARIDAD. Auditorio As Quintas

    ESCENA APACHE. Planeta Joselín

    Thursday, May 16, 20:00

    TINEO. Cine Marvi

    Wednesday, July 31, 20:00

    CANGAS DEL NARCEA. Teatro Toreno