• "La escena ambulante" begins its theatrical tour with Asturian hallmarks

    May 30, 2012

    The cycle, organised by the University of Oviedo, will bring the staging of five Asturian companies to ten localities in the Principality

    Presentación de la segunda edición del ciclo.

    The University of Oviedo presents its second edition of La escena ambulante, a cycle which will bring theatre and dance made in Asturias to the stages of around ten localities in the Principality in June.

    La escena ambulante, promoted by the Vice-Rector's Office for University Extension and Communication, counts on the participation of five Asturian professional companies which will stage theatre and dance with a varied range of styles and authors. The admission will be free while places are available in all locations: Vegadeo, Cudillero, Villaviciosa, Pravia, Cangas del Narcea, Pola de Lena, Moreda, Luarca, La Caridad and La Felguera.

    In the presentation of the cycle, the Vice-Rector for University Extension and Communication, Vicente Domínguez, reafirmed the University's commitment with culture "to make a small contribution in these times of crisis". Furthermore, he highlighted that the support given by authors and professionals of Asturian theatre "is a priority, not for a Chauvinistic matter, but because they are as good as anyone else and we have to take care of them".

    Representatives from all the companies participating in this edition attended the presentation of the cycle and thanked the University for the support given to Asturian theatre. La escena ambulante will begin the tour with stagings by Teatro Margen, Teatro del Norte, Higiénico Papel, El Callejón del Gato and Zig-Zag Danza.

    The director of Teatro del Norte, Etelvino Vázquez, was grateful for the "University's crucial support after a year at zero level". Vázquez also stated that La escena ambulante "offers the chance to arrive in little localities which normally do not have the opportunity to see theatre and that is important". The varied audience has been a key point for Teatro del Norte to choose " a XX century classic" as La zapatera prodigiosa by Lorca, "a very funny text the audience responds very well to".

    The choreographer Estrella Moreno thanked the organization for making time on the program for dance "because in Asturias the odds are againts going on a dancing tour". Zig-Zag Danza's staging, Después de cortar el césped, is influenced by Klimt's aesthetics, as the choreographer explained, and puts on stage the evolution of a couple relationship throughout life "with an encouraging vision".

    Teatro Margen opts for the theatre of the absurd with a scene from Delirio a dúo by Ionesco. "A hymn to pessimism in a comedy", as the actor José Lobato defined it, who took advantage of the occasion to appreciate that "the University have got linked to theatre again after a long time".

    The Asturian imprint La escena ambulante is reafirmed with the staging of Low Cost, by Maxi Rodríguez, on the part of Higiénico Papel. The Asturian playwright stressed this morning "the highest currency of this text in a moment as the actual, when everything becomes cheaper".

    Finally, Moisés García, member of El Callejón del Gato, encouraged the youth to see their adaptation of Machbet."It is important that we recover o do not lose this young audience in the stalls", he pointed out as he stressed the importance of that link existing between theatre and University.


    TEATRO MARGEN. Delirio a dúo (Eugene Ionesco)

    • Friday 1 June, 20:00 h. Vegadeo's Cultural Centre.
    • Friday 15 June, 20:00 h. Cudillero's Cultural Centre.

    TEATRO DEL NORTE. La zapatera prodigiosa (Federico García Lorca)

    • Sunday 3 June, 20:30 h. Riera Theatre, Villaviciosa.
    • Friday 8 June, 20:00 h. José Barrera's Auditorium, Pravia.

    EL CALLEJÓN DEL GATO. Macbeth (William Shakespeare)

    • Thursday 14 June, 20:00 h. Toreno Theatre, Cangas del Narcea.
    • Saturday 16 JUne, 20:00 h. Vital Aza Theatre, Pola de Lena.

    ZIG ZAG DANZA. Después de cortar el césped

    • Friday 1 June, 20:00 h. Moreda's Cultural Centre. Carmen Theatre- Cinema.
    • Thursday 28 June, 20:00 h. High School's Theatre of Luarca.

    HIGIÉNICO PAPEL. Low Cost (Maxi Rodríguez)

    • Monday 25 June, 20:00 h. As Quintas Auditorium, La Caridad.
    • Wednesday 27 June, 20:00 h. New Theatre of La Felguera.