• Irene Cano, Managing Director of Facebook Spain, gives a conference on social networks and marketing at the Faculty of Economics and Business

    February 06, 2013

    More than 500 teachers and students of the University attended the technical conference organized by the Fundación Ramón Areces Chair.

    Image: Irene Cano's conference on the role of social networks in today's society.

    Facebook Spain's Managing Director, Irene Cano, has offered this morning a conference on the role of social networks in today's society, at the Faculty of Economics and Business. The conference, part of the Online Marketing sessions organized by the Ramón Areces Foundation Chair, marked Cano's return to the Auditorium of the Faculty, where she had attended lessons while she studied Business Administration and Management.

    The room was packed with more than 500 students and teachers, gathered there to listen to the speech by Irene Cano, who highlighted the central role that social networks have acquired in the field of communications during the last few years. As a result, Cano argues that every day more and more people are using these platforms to search for possible clients for their products.

    Facebook's chief manager in Spain revealed some of the strategies that have allowed the company to become world's most popular platform, with more than one million users, and emphasized the importance of cell phones in its evolution. "Cell phones are not a thing of the future: their time has already come", she stressed. According to Cano, the possibilities of segmentation and the impending integration of specific searches position this social network as a powerful marketing tool.

    The director of the Ramón Areces Foundation Chair of Commercial Distribution, Juan Trespalacios, was in charge of introducing Irene Cano. The closing speech was made by the Vice-Rector of Economic Planning, Agreements and Contracts, Santiago Álvarez.