• The blood donation campaign of the University finishes with 1590 donations

    May 14, 2013

    A total of 289 new donors attended the donation points located on the different campuses, with the Faculty of Sciences having the highest number of collaborators

    Group photo of the winners of the awards and the members of the organization

    The Blood Donation Campaign of the University, promoted every year by the Office of the Vice-Rector for Students in collaboration with the Community Center of Blood and Tissue of the Principality, had this year a total of 1590 donors in the different campuses. 289 of these people were donating blood for the first time.

    The Vice-Rector for Students, Luís J. Muñiz, was in charge of presenting the results of the initiative alongside the director of the Community Center of Blood and Tissue, María García Hernández, the general director of Medical Assistance of the Principality, Ana Celia Tuero, and the councilor of Health of the City Council of Oviedo, Trinidad Ordiz.

    The results show a lesser participation in the initative than in previous years, "the same that we are seeing in the overall number of donations", explained Marta García. In turn, the Vice-Rector hoped that the different activities that aim to encourage and promote "university life outside the classroom" will contribute to make the students aware of the importance of their participation in social and voluntary activities.

    The students continue being the most active donor group, followed by the Administrative Staff and the Teacher and Research Staff. María García insisted on the need for reaching the youths "since it is necessary to pass the torch from one generation of donors to the other".

    The presentation of the results also served as the venue for the award ceremony for some of the participants on this year's campaign. The Faculty of Sciences was given the Diploma of Solidarity for being the Center with the highest number of donations, something that has been repeated on several occasions. Vice-Dean Tomás Aranda received the award as the representative of the Center.

    Alberto Tejedor del Barrio, student of the second year of Psychology, was awarded with one of the €600 grants, while the other one went to Patricia Méndez Da Cuña, student of Medicine. The special award of the University Campaign was given to Carlos Escobar, student of the School of Civil Navy.