• The buoy of the Ocean Observatory of Asturias records a 10,75 metre wave in Cudillero

    January 22, 2015

    This scientific equipment of the University of Oviedo recorded the maximum height between three and four in the morning, last night.

    Bolla del Observatorio Marino de Asturias fondeada por el Campus de Excelencia Internacional.

    The oceanographic buoy of the Ocean Observatory of Asturias, of the University of Oviedo, located 4 kilometres away from the coast of Cudillero, recorded last night a 10,75 meter wave between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. In the same time period the significant wave height –a parameter that shows the apparent wave height-- was 5, 99 metres. This data coincides with the damage in different coastal areas in Asturias.

    The same oceanographic buoy recorded a 20, 87 m wave in February 2014, also coinciding with severe damages in the dock of the port of Cudillero. The buoy is part of the equipment of the Ocean Observatory of Asturias of the University of Oviedo, an initiative implemented by the Campus of International Excellence for scientific purposes and public information. This buoy has a set of meteorological and oceanographic sensors which provide real-time information about nutrients, plankton and ocean currents. The website of OMA will shortly offer a digital platform that will made available all the information related to the ocean conditions in accordance with the data generated by this buoy.