• Lectures about Scientific Culture and Innovation

    April 08, 2011

    They will be held on the 11th and 12th of April, in the Conference Room of the Main Building of the Scientific and Technological Park of Gijón

    Poster of the Lectures
    Organized by the Universities of Oviedo and Salamanca, these conferences aim to create a space for the reflection of scientific research and technological development as well as the social interest in science, the consumption of scientific contents among the citizens and the social support to the public investment on R&D&i. The awareness about how important the knowledge is to improve the corporative competitiveness and the promotion of the relations between university and industry will have special relevance in the meetings.

    These lectures will be presented on Monday, 11th of April, at 16:30, and they will be attended by Santiago García Grande, vice-rector for Research, Santiago Martínez Arguelles, city counsellor of the Gijón, Miguel Ángel Quintanilla and José Antonio López, representative from the Official Master's degree in Social Studies of the Science.

    The speakers will be José Luis Pérez Salinas, Deputy Director of Knowledge Transfer and Development of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, who will talk about "The national strategy of innovation and the 2011's innovation plan"; Emilio Muñoz, teacher of research at the Higher Council of Scientific Research and Coordinator of the Research Unit for Scientific Culture belonging to the Centre of Energetic and Environmental Researches will discourse about "Culture, innovation, entrepreneurship, ethics; to the search with sense of social sensitivity"; Miguel Ángel Quintanilla, professor of Logics and Philosophy of Science at the University of Salamanca and head of the University Institute for the Science and Technology, will give a speech about "Science and Scientific Culture"; and Javier Echevarría, researcher of the Ikerbasque Foundation in the Department of Sociology of the University of the Basque Country will explain "how to promote the culture of innovation" .

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