• The University holds the V PhD Days with more than 330 young attendees

    December 18, 2015

    The event, held in the Campus of Mieres, offered an exhibition of 147 posters with the projects of the PhD students. A study on antioxidants wins the first prize, and a work on colon cancer achieves recognition of the audience

    The University holds the V PhD Days with more than 330 young researchers

    The youngest university research, the one PhD students perform to elaborate their theses, is becoming more and more visible at the University of Oviedo. This is illustrated by the PhD Days held by the International Graduate Center in the Campus of Mieres. This time, the first prize has been awarded to a work on antioxidants while a work on colon cancer has been provided with the recognition of the audience in the poster contest, which this year has had the participation of more than 145 young students with their works (30more than last year).

    In the present academic year, almost one thousand students have joined a PhD program, considered a significant figure by those in charge of the IGC, and these Days have become one of the main meeting and exhibition points to show our society the work developed by young PhD students, which will eventually be included in their PhD Theses. The posters displayed in the hall of the Campus of Mieres showed the most innovative research projects in all the fields of knowledge. Finally, the jury has granted the first prize to the poster entitled: Liberación controlada de antioxidantes y compuestos relacionados empleando nanoestructuras biomiméticas, elaborated by Jing Chiu Chong, and the audience has chosen the one entitled: Prevención de cáncer colorrectal en un modelo animal usando alimentos cárnicos funcionales, by Javier Fernández Fernández.

    Before the closing ceremony and the prize awards, the PhD students joined a roundtable with renowned researchers from all fields of knowledge: the rector, Vicente Gotor, as full professor of Chemistry; Ana María Cano, president of the academy of Llingua and full professor of Romance Philology; Fernando Las-Heras, full professor of Signal Detection Theory; Eva Menéndez Sebastián, professor of Administrative Law; and Xose Antón Puente, professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

    The Rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor, was in charge of the closing ceremony of the V PhD Days along with the Vice-Chancellor for Internationalization and Graduate programs, Covadonga Betegón, and encouraged young researchers to move forward with their vocation. The present edition of these Days coincides with the recent allocation of funding of the Campus of International Excellence to a joint PhD Program with the Rhur University of Bochum, which includes holding International PhD Days between both universities.