• Discussion Days about "European integration: lights and shadows"

    From 03/31/2011 to 04/01/2011

    Specialists will talk about the impact caused by the integration process of the EU next Thursday 31st of March and Friday 1st of April.

    MPEs, members of the judiciary, representatives from professional associations, representatives of trade unions and university professors will reveal the details of the European process of integration and its consequences from very different points of view in the discussion days "European integration: lights and shadows" (Integración europea: luces y sombras), which will take place in the Historical Building of the University of Oviedo, on the 31st of March and the 1st of April.

    The purpose of these Days is to raise awareness about the impact that the process of integration has had on the development of the Member States in general and more particularly on Spain and Asturias. This is an activity which is part of the "¿Europa?" (Europe) Project funded by Jean Monnet 2010 programme.

    In parallel with the discussion boards, there will be participation of young researchers interested in presenting writings related to the topics under discussion, which can also be included in the publication of the lectures, once they have been evaluated by the Scientific Committee. The students of the University of Oviedo who attend these Discussion Days will be able to ask for the approval of these lectures as free choice credits.

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