• The specific routes of technical engineering Grades will be deferred until the 1st of March

    January 10, 2011

    ANECA has forced to redesign these routes, while diploma courses will maintain their programme.

    The beginning of the specific routes for graduates in technical engineering prior to the implementation of the European Higher Education Area has been delayed until the 1st of March.

    Following preliminary reports from the National Assessment and Accreditation Agency (ANECA), these routes must be configured as adaptation courses, in which the student must receive a training to acquire all the skills needed in the grade in which he's enrolling and haven't been obtained from the previous technical engineering. These changes won't affect the specific routes to the diploma degree.

    The Technical Committee of Recognition of the centre in which the grade is taught has to examine the file of each student to determine in which subjects they have to enroll since the automatic recognition of the 180 ECTS, as it was originally planned, can't be done.

    The centres will inform each student, who made the provisional registration, about the subjects they will have to take, according to their prior training. The vice-rector for Studies and New Degrees has already contacted with all students affected by these changes and the new date for starting the course will be the 1st of March. The lessons will go on until the end of June, the month in which regular exams will be held, the special assessments will take place in September (including, in both cases, the defence of the final paper grade).

    Another novelty from the design of the new specific routes of technical engineering grades will be the price of the registration fees. When considering them a closed course, the student won't have to pay the recognition of the 180 ECTS, but only the subjects which formed his adaptation course.

    These specific routes, for both graduates and technical engineers, are designed to provide students with a prior degree to the implementation of "Bologna Process" obtaining the Graduates degree in their respective studies.