• Isabel Cuadrado envelopes LAUDEO in a giant spider web in honor of Bourgeois

    June 27, 2012

    The installation, which can be visited in the Historic Building until 7 July, link a hundred Civil War gun shots

    Isabel Cuadrado accompanied by some artists participating in the collective exhibition in honor of Burgeois and who helped her finish the enormous spider web.

    It is a spider web drawn following the gun shot sings. Until next 7 July, those who visit the Historic Building of the University of Oviedo will find a giant spider web enveloping the statue of Valdés Salas as part of the exhibition in tribute to Louise Bourgeois, which can be seen in LAUDEO's exhibition hall.

    Isabel Cuadrado's installation recalls the French creator's big spider structures but taking into account LAUDEO's history. Cuadrado chose a hundred gun shots of different calibers which are noticeable on the columns of the Historic Building and which date back to the Civil War.

    The project Relire les points emulates a child pastime linking each gun shot and resulting in a big red spider web.

    Several artists participating in the collective exhibition in tribute to Bourgeois helped Isabel Cuadrado finish the enormous spider web. The exhibition in honor of Bourgeois, in which nearly thirty artists take part, is part of the program organised by the Vice-Rector's Office for University Extension and Communication in collaboration with Oviedo Art School and the Guillermina Caicoya, Lola Orato and Texu galleries.