• II Conference on Employment and Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

    March 19, 2012

    This activity will be developed on 22 March and seeks graduates' improvement of employment perspectives through career guidance

    Poster of the conference

    Career guidance and knowledge of the business reality as strategies to face job-search after finishing their degrees: these are the main ideas of the II Conference on Employment and Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, which will be held next 22 March at the Campus of Humanities (Oviedo).

    Although the main goal of the University is to create and disseminate knowledge, the institution also aims to improve the graduates' perspectives for employment. There is a general misconception of the studies of Philosophy, Philology, Geography, History, Art History and Music History and Sciences having fewer possibilities for work placement. For this reason, a training in the skills and abilities valued in the labour market has been proposed.

    In the present edition and under the title "Innovación y Creatividad para el Empleo y Emprendimiento desde las Humanidades" (Innovation and Creativity for Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Humanitities), the expert in entrepreneurship, José Manuel Pérez Días "Pericles", will give a conference. There will be then a round table with specialists and entrepreneurs from different professional fields and a workshop entitled "Innovar para crear empresas en el campo de las Humanidades" (Innovation for setting up new enterprises in the field of Humanities)

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