• The University of Oviedo invests José Cosmen Adelaida as Doctor Honoris Causa

    January 13, 2012

    Hundreds of people show their support to Alsa's Honorary President in his joining the Senate of Doctors of the Asturian academic institution.

    El rector impone el birrete de doctor a José Cosmen

    The University of Oviedo has incorporated today the Asturian businessman José Francisco Cosmen Adelaida into his Honorary Doctorate Senate in a solemn investiture ceremony held at the University Library. Hundreds of people: representatives from all social strata, friends and relatives among them, joined the Honorary President of Alsa in such an important event.

    The Rector, Vicente Gotor, presided over the ceremony, which relied on the presence of the University's ex-rectors and in which the Economics professor Joaquín Lorences acted as the businessman's sponsor and briefly analysed Cosmen's figure as well as his role as the person responsible for Alsa's international expansion.

    José Cosmen was moved and grateful for the acknowledgment the University of Oviedo, where he studied, has given him. In his speech, Cosmen remembered his university days at the Polytechnic School of Engineering in Gijón, which offered him "a new way of seeing, making and feeling that only the University can provide"

    The new Doctor Honoris Causa focused part of his speech on the need of a wider and better hedge for entrepreneurs. "We have to help those who opt for this difficult but exciting and risky business path", he explained. Finally, Alsa's honorary president advocated a way out of the crisis based on teamwork: "If we all collaborate working cautiously in the same direction, I am sure that we can find the way to overcome the current difficulties, supporting and promoting the creation and development of business projects as the best source of wealth and employment creation"

    The Rector, Vicente Gotor, highlighted "the deep Asturian feeling and the wish to contribute to the development of his region" which characterizes José Cosmen, always under the auspices of some values he fully shares with the university community. "such as enterprising spirit, innovation, interest in growing and making progress, the international view of the enterprise and the interest in opening new ways"

    Those identity signs are the same that inspire the efforts of the University of Oviedo "to promote enterprising spirit and international view at the same time that we encourage student and teacher mobility, so that we become a talent recruiting hub" Thus, Vicente Gotor welcomed the businessman to the Senate of Doctors, being confident that his presence in the academic institution "acts as an incentive and recognition of those entrepreneurs who risk and work for the region and society's prosperity"