• Funeral service for Antonio Cueto, Dean of Medicine

    January 03, 2012

    Hundreds of people from the university and health world said the definitive farewell to the Dean at the University Chapel.

    The funeral procession enters the Historic Building of the University of Oviedo

    Hundreds of people came to the Historic Building of the University to give their ultimate farewell to the Medicine Dean, Antonio Cueto, who died last weekend, aged 65. The University Chapel got too small for welcoming the large number of friends and partners which were attending the funeral and who could follow the ceremony through the closed circuit at the Auditorium of the University and the flats installed in the exterior.

    Antonio Cueto was an outstanding member within the University and also in the Asturian health field. He was currently holding the position of Dean of Medicine and in the mid-90's he led the Ministry of Health of the Principality of Asturias. Born in Almería in 1946, Cueto arrived in Asturias in 1986 after getting the Professorship in Preventive Medicine. Throughout his career, he held different posts involving a great deal of responsibility such as Assistant Dean or Dean at the Medicine Faculty in the early 90's. His political life while he was leading the Regional Ministry of Health concluded with his putting himself forward as a candidate for the post of Major with URAS. Back to University, he was Vice-rector of Academic Organization and Teaching Staff in the team led by Juan Vázquez, candidate for the vice-chancellor's office in the last elections. Subsequently, he was elected Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

    Displays of affection towards Antonio Cueto's wife and three children followed one another from the beginning to the end of the ceremony. The Rector, Vicente Gotor, also offered Antonio's family his condolences. Unanimous memories from those who knew and worked with Antonio Cueto defined him as an affable, receptive man with a tireless work spirit.