• The University of Oviedo presents a new edition of the Employment Forum

    April 19, 2013

    Around 80 entities participate in this annual meeting that brings together students, Degree holders, enterprises and institutions from different sectors

    Presentation of the Employment Forum of the University of Oviedo

    The Employment Forum of the University of Oviedo begins this Tuesday a new edition with 78 participating and 35 collaborating entities. The Rector, Vicente Gotor, presented this new edition, accompanied by the Management Director of the Public Employment Service of Asturias, José Luís Álvarez, the Director of the Local Agency for Economic Promotion and Employment of Gijón, Pelayo Barcia, and the Vice-Rectors for Economic Planning, Agreements and Contracts, Santiago Álvarez, and for Students, Luís Rodríguez Muñiz.

    The aim of the Forum, organized by the University of Oviedo Foundation (FUO), is to bring students and Degree holders closer to the job market. The Rector highlighted that 53.41% of the 3460 students who finished their Degrees in 2010 has a job contract in Asturias. Apart from them, there is also a number of students who have gotten a job outside the region, and also those who have continued their studies with a Master's Degree, for example. Along those lines, the Director of the Public Employment Service, made emphasis on the fact that, out of the 20000 unemployed people under 30 who are registered in the Unemployment Service of Asturias, only 3100 have university studies. Both coincided in saying that higher education is one of the keys to succesfully enter the job market.

    53% of the university students who finished their studies in 2010 has a job contract in Asturias. Only 3100 of the 20000 unemployed people under 30 in the region has have a university Degree

    The Rector encouraged young degree holders to visit the Employment Forum, where they can interact firsthand with enterprises from all the economic sectors and attend interesting presentations and meetings. Apart from the conference by Jesús Daniel Salas Campo, director of CSC Asturias, the Forum has planned a meeting on disabilities and employment for university students, a workshop on myths and legends in the processes of staff selection, a dozen presentations by entities and enterprises, and conferences on employment and self-employment in the EU. Last year, around 7500 attended this event.