• University Extension promotes its activities through social networks

    February 25, 2011

    One website in Facebook network and the blog disseminate theatre activities, cinema, exhibitions, music and courses.

    Screenshot of the blog of University Extension
    The vice-rector' office for University Extension, Culture and Sports has implemented two promotion tools through internet, following the line of 2.0 websites. It is composed by a website in the social network Facebook and a blog called

    Through the social network, the huge amount of activities developed by the University in its labour of Extension, understood as a contribution to the social, cultural and economic development of Asturias through the diffusion of Science, Culture and Art can be approached immediately as well as massively to the user. This website will allow general public to be up-to- date of this large offer of cultural events.

    In the blog, the information will be given in detail, including reports and pictures of the spectacles of theatre, cinema, music and information about exhibitions and courses which belong to the programme of University Extension. Both are complementary tools which make the enrichment of perspectives possible in those users who want to participate in the channels leaving their comments. University Extension is a basic activity for the University of Oviedo which was pioneer in its development in Spain. It is possible because of the implementation of courses, lectures and all kind of cultural and formative activities, with its own means or in collaboration with public or private entities.