• The University of Oviedo has renewed University Extension with a "high culture" offer all kind of audiences

    April 06, 2011

    The academic institution has presented a south-American cinema cycle with the premiere in Spain of films that have been only seen in the leading international festivals.

    The Vice-rector for University Extension, Vicente Domínguez, during the programme's presentation
    The University of Oviedo has recovered the spirit with wich University Extension was born with a programme that will bring the best cinema, theatre, exhibitions and courses around Asturias. The Vice-rector for University Extension, Culture and Sports, Vicente Domínguez, has presented this morning some of the activities that the University of Oviedo will develop and whose mission is to provide "high culture" aimed at all type of audiences.

    One of the great innovations in this new stage is the projection of a Latin American film series, most of them unknown for the audience, but winning at main international festivals such as Cannes, Berlin or Sundance.

    "Latin Fever. Harvest of the new Latin American cinema" (Latin Fever. Cosecha del Nuevo cine latinoamericano) will offer an unique opportunity in Spain to approach a film production "which would be a luxury for Barcelona or Madrid", with a selection of proven quality movies, projected on 35mm film format and whose copies have been made by both producers and some of the most important international distributors of the world, in a immense logistical effort. When programming this cycle, the academic institution has been supported by Cajastur, Avilés City Council and the International Film Festival of Gijón.

    Thus, the University of Oviedo has recovered the tradition of the 60s and 70s in which University Extension programmed very powerful cinema cycles, as the vice-rector has affirmed. "Latin Fever" will be held in Oviedo (Cajastur Cutural Centre) and Avilés (House of Culture) from the 11th of April to the 7th of June. The seven titles of the cycle cover a good part of the Latin America geography (Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica...).

    • Zona Sur, by Juan Carlos Valdivia. . Monday 11th of April – Oviedo / Tuesday 12th of April – Avilés
    • Ilusiones Ópticas, by Cristián Jimenez. Monday 18th of April – Oviedo / Tuesday 19th of April – Avilés
    • Lake Tahoe, by Fernando Eimboke. Monday 9th of May – Oviedo / Tuesday 10th of May - Avilés
    • Año Bisiesto, by Michael Rowe. Monday 16th of May – Oviedo / Tuesday 17th of May - Avilés
    • La sangre brota, by Pablo Fendrick. Monday 23rd of May – Oviedo / Wednesday 25th of May - Avilés
    • La vida útil, by Federico Veiroj. Monday 30th of May – Oviedo / Tuesday 31st of May - Avilés
    • Agua fría de mar, by Paz Fábrega. Monday 6th of June – Oviedo / Tuesday 7th of June - Avilés
    This film series is just one price of the new University Extension programme which has already begun to take its first steps, with the tour entitled "Beyond the Y" (Más allá de la Y), which takes the University Choir during the month of March and April to Cangas de Onís, Ribadesella, Castropol and Sala; a new offer of summer courses; and new exhibitions which will be presented throughout this year.

    Among the projects, the vice-rector also announced the recovery of the theatre troupe with a tour of Asturian professional companies which will visit eight cities. Its title says it all: The street scene as - according to Vicente Domínguez- "University Extension has to be mobile, if it is not, it isn't University Extension".