• "A look of solidarity to Benin"

    From 02/01/2011 to 02/15/2011

    The 1st of February at 19h, the photographic exhibition "A look of solidarity to Benin" will take place in the auditorium of the Historical Building. This exhibition is an initiative from the NGO "Solidarity with Benin". Timetable: Monday to Friday: From 9:00h to 21.00 h. Saturdays: from 10.00h to 13.00 h.


    "Solidarity with Benin" is an organization which was created as an association and it became a NGO with the main purpose of collaborating with the sustainable human development of Benin's population, a country located in the West of Africa.

    Through our work, we try to focus on goals that will build a society based on the human rights according to the definition which the UN has given in its documents.

    One of our main objectives is to aware Asturian people about Benin's reality and in order to get that aim, diverse activities are organized.

    This exhibition would fall within these activities and it is the result of a journey made by two volunteer workers in order to supervise the projects which have been launched in the African country financed by different institutions and companies such as, the Town Hall of Oviedo and Noreña, Cajastur or Alimerka.

    Through this exhibition, the work we have done in this small country of Africa will be shown and people will be even more aware of Benin's reality. To this purpose, photographs of the context and the projects which are being carried out there, will be shown, especially, the ones which are focused on Health and Education areas.

    In the field of Education, the vice- rector for Internationalization and cooperation development gave a grant to a University of Oviedo's teacher, member of the Department of Anglo-Germanic and French Philology, so that she could go to Benin and teach an English training course to the students belonging to the Project of Promotion of Equal Opportunities in the Access to university studies and Rural Youth in Northern Benin. This training course will fall within the activities which have been funded by the Asturian Agency for Cooperation to Development.