Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

  • Expert´s Degree in Gemology

    General Information

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Places: 10

    Número mínimo de alumnos exigido: 3

    Duration: 280 hours (11,2 ECTS credits), 1 Year

    Tuition Fee: 1.700 €

    Access Requirements:

    The ones established in the regulations on Studies leading to Own Degrees of the University of Oviedo. Candidates must be graduates in order to access these kind of degrees.

    Entry application of holders of a non-approved foreign degree shall be accompanied by a report of the body responsible certifying the suitability of the degree presented as well as their equivalence with a Spanish higher education degree.

    Admission Requirements: Graduates or professionals from the specific field who fulfill all requirements needed to access university studies.

    Plazo único de preinscripción y matrícula

    • Preinscripción: 1 de junio a 19 de agosto
    • Listas provisionales: 3 de septiembre
    • Reclamación a las listas: 4 a 7 de septiembre
    • Listas definitivas: 11 de septiembre
    • Matrícula: 14 al 18 de septiembre

    Modality: Attendance required


    Oct. 2015 a Jun. 2016"

    • Lunes y Miercoles. De 10 a 11 h. y de 12 a 13 h.
    • Martes. Y Jueves. De 11 a 12h. Y de 12 a 13 h

    Teaching Center: Superior Technical School of Mining Engineering of Oviedo

    Professional Opportunities

    • Gemological laboratory
    • Pawnbroking institutions
    • Sale and purchase of precious and semi-precious stones
    • Legal experts
    • Valuations
    • Certifications
    • Any field related to the valuations and recognition of precious and semi-precious stones


    This course has a duration of 1 year organized in two modules and a total of 11,2 ECTS credits.


    • Basic concepts in Gemology
    • Mineral gems and Stone gems
    • Descriptive, mineral and stone gemology
    • Gem Materials
    • Gem ornament
    • Crystallographic and textural morphology
    • Instrumental optics
    • Physical properties
    • Organoleptic identification
    • Professional and technical qualifications


    • Physical and optic morphology
    • Mineral descriptive gemology
    • Treatment of mineral gems
    • Stone descriptive morphology
    • Treatment of stone gems
    • Bio gem materials
    • Stone–gem ornaments and ornamental minerals
    • Conservation and y rehabilitation of ornamental rocks
    • Expert in gem-ornamental auditing
    • Ultraviolet (UV) light source
    • Binocular loupe
    • Observation of physical and optical effects
    • Geological certification and report
    • Microscpic observation on the surface or buildings


    • Secretary's Office for the Courses of the STSME

      Secretary: Dª Ana Luz Fernández Guzmán

      Telephone: 985 23 08 59

      E-mail: info@joyagema-uniovi.com

    Coordination :

    • José Antonio Martínez-Álvarez

      Telephone: 985 23 08 59

      E-mail: geotinez@uniovi.es

      Office: Superior Technical School of Mining Engineering of Oviedo

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