Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

  • Expert's Degree in Popularization & Scientific Culture

    General Information

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Places: 100

    Duration: 1 year (23 ECTS credits)

    Tuition Fee: 1.380€

    Access Requirements:

    The ones established in the regulations on Studies leading to Own Degrees of the University of Oviedo. Candidates must be graduates in order to access these kind of degrees.

    Entry application of holders of a non-approved foreign degree shall be accompanied by a report of the body responsible certifying the suitability of the degree presented as well as their equivalence with a Spanish higher education degree.

    Modality: Online

    Teaching Center: Online

    Professional Opportunities

    Taking into account the specific nature of the course contents and the practical nature of its modules, the course is designed for all those willing to professionally get involved in the field of R&D and innovation management, the institutional communication in public and private research centers, the promotion of the scientific activity and the transfer of knowledge or the scientific journalism, fields in which there is currently a growing demand for highly-qualified professionals, specially in Latin America.


    This is a one-year course organized into two terms to complete 30 ECTS credits.

    Module I. Science, technology and society

    • Tema 1. Introduction to the concept of science
    • Tema 2. Introduction to the concept of technology
    • Tema 3. Introduction to innovation studies
    • Tema 4. New contributions to social studies of science and tecnology
    • Tema 5. Society of knowledge and society of risk

    Module II. Scientific politics

    • Tema 1. Introduction to science and technology policies
    • Tema 2. Indicators of science and technology
    • Tema 3. National systems of innovation and R&D
    • Tema 4. Programmes for the promotion of scientific cooperation

    Module III. Research and development activities (R&D)

    • Tema 1. Planning and implementation of R&D projects
    • Tema 2. Sources and methods for the contextualization of R&D activities
    • Tema 3. Protecting research results
    • Tema 4. Popularization and socioeconomic valorisation of research results

    Module IV. Units of scientific culture at public institutions of R&D

    • Tema 1. Structure, organization and functions of scientific culture units
    • Tema 2. Tools and resources for the popularization of the scientific culture at public institutions of R&D
    • Tema 3. Projects of science dissemination. Design, planning and implementation
    • Tema 4. Scientific culture units: case study

    Module V. Communicating social science

    • Tema 1. Science, technology, society and mass media
    • Tema 2. From scientific popularization to media science
    • Tema 3. Social perception of science and technology
    • Tema 4. Public involvement in science and technology
    • Tema 5. Language and communication formats of science
    • Tema 6. Sources of scientific and technical information

    Module VI. Journalistic genres and styles to communicate science and technology

    • Tema 1. Press coverage of science
    • Tema 2. Radio coverage of science
    • Tema 3. TV and cinema treatment of science and technology
    • Tema 4. Science on the Internet and other interactive portals
    • Tema 5. Managing scientific and technical information at institutions
    • Tema 6. Organizing activities for the promotion of scientific culture


    • Secretarias: Belén Laspra y Marta I. González García.

      E-mail: bln.laspra@gmail.com / martaig@uniovi.es

    Coordination :

    • OEI Coordination: Ernesto Robles Fernández

      E-mail: cerezo@uniovi.es

      Office: Departamento de Filosofía Universidad de Oviedo

    • José Antonio López Cerezo

      E-mail: erobles@cooperacionib.org

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