Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

  • Expert's Degree in Addictions in Women

    General Information

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Places: 50. Minimum number of students required: 20

    Duration: 33 ECTS Credits

    Tuition Fee: €1287

    Access Requirements:

    Bachelor's Degree, without any specific preference.

    If applicable, merits will be taken into account.

    1. Academic record: 50%
    2. Professional experience: 20%
    3. Research experience: 10%
    4. Motivation of the student and disposition towards working, which they will try to objectively present with a written application and a personal or on-line interview with the directors of the course: 10%
    5. Others (Languages, other related Degrees, etc.)

    Only period for pre-registration and enrollment

    • Pre-registration: June 2 to August 20
    • Provisional Lists of admitted applicants:September 4
    • Complaints: September 5-9
    • Definitive Lists: September 12
    • Enrollment: September 15-19

    Modality: Distance Learning

    Schedule: Adapted to the possibilities of the students

    Teaching Center: Virtual Classroom of Psipráctica in Oviedo and Madrid

    Professional Opportunities

    The proposed Expert's Certificate Degree contributes to the specific formation in Intervention in Drug Addictions, enabling its students to act and answer the demands of these matters in public and private centers of prevention and intervention in drug dependencies, in different levels such as:

    • Prevention technicians
    • Treatment of drug addictions and/or social and occupational insertion
    • Educators
    • Therapists
    • Social Workers
    • Psychologists specialized in this field
    • Staff in Detox Centers
    • Staff in Minor Centers... among others


    The Expert in Women and Addictions has a duration of 6 months, organized in one semester with a total of 33 ECTS credits.

    MODULE 1


    Social history of drugs and Profile of the Addicted Woman - 3 Credits

    • Social history of drugs
    • General profile and evaluation of the addicted woman

    Diagnosis of Addictions in Women and Co-addictions - 3 Credits

    • Diagnosis of the main chemical addictions of women
    • Diagnosis of non-chemical social addictions of women
    • Co-addictions as typical processes in women

    Psychopatology and Gender - 3 Credits

    • Psychopatology of addictions in women (Pilar Blanco)

    MODULE 2


    • The abused addicted woman
    • Women, addiction and delinquency

    MODULE 3


    Approach and Research in Women and Addictions - 3 Credits

    • Approach to relational dependencies
    • Research on women and addictions

    Therapeutical model in addictions adapted to women - 3 Credits

    • Proposal of a therapeutical model in addictions adapted to women

    Psychotherapy and Family Therapy - 6 Credits

    • Psychotherapy and social therapy of addictions in women
    • Family therapy of addictions in women
    • Multi-family therapy of addictions in women


    • Daniel Martínez Rodríguez


      • Carlos Sirvent Ruiz
      • Dr. María de la Villa Moral Jimenez

      Telephone: 985 111 111

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