• Students of the University of Oviedo win a national prize for the best innovative project

    May 26, 2014

    Ainhoa Cid del Valle, Natalia Ferreira and Máximo Calvo received the Uniproyecta award, given by Universia, in a ceremony that took place in Alcalá de Henares

    Foto de familia de os galardonados con los premios Uniproyecta.Group photo of the winners of the Uniproyect awards.

    Students of the University of Oviedo won the Uniproyecta Award promoted by Universia and the University Network of Student Matters (RUNAE), through the Group for Employment to celebrate the best university entrepreneurial project of excellence.

    Ainhoa Cid del Valle, Natalia Ferreira Losa y Máximo Calvo Ordás compose the team of students of the University of Oviedo that has seen its labor recognized with the Portal Universia award for their project "Karten". This is an entrepreneurial initiative that they have already set in motion and whose objective is to take the most advantage possible from the potential of the techniques of Teledetection and the Systems of Geographical Information (SGI), with the goal of offering services such as the creation of tailored intelligent maps, geographical analysis for business decisions, management of sports infrastructures, etc. The promoters of Karten are currently working on the development of their own nanosatellite, with the aim of getting their own images for teledetection.

    The Rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor, was in charge of awarding the prize to the winning team during the act that took place in Alcalá de Henares. The three students are part of a multidisciplinary team formed by a Technical Engineer in Topography, a Forest Engineer and a Graduate in Environmental Sciences. All of them completed the Master's Degree in Teledetection and Geographical Information Systems. Their entrepreneurial project was already recognized a few weeks ago with the second prize of the Contest of Entrepreneurial Ideas promoted by the University of Oviedo.

    The jury also awarded the work done by students of the University of Zaragoza, who were given the Universia Foundation award thanks to a project entitled Airtronics. Finally, a honorific award was given to the proposal presented by students of the University of Cádiz, named Merca Concurso.