Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

  • Specialist's Degree in Town Planning *

    General Information

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Places: 40

    Duration: 30 ECTS credits

    Tuition Fee: €2.910

    Access Requirements:

    The ones established in the regulations on Studies leading to Own Degrees of the University of Oviedo. Candidates must be graduates in order to access these kind of degrees.

    Entry application of holders of a non-approved foreign degree shall be accompanied by a report of the body responsible certifying the suitability of the degree presented as well as their equivalence with a Spanish higher education degree.

    Admission Requirements:

    The course in intended for Engineers, Architects, Geographers, Sociologists, Environmentalists, Economists.

    Modality: Attendance required

    Schedule: Thursday afternoon, Friday morning and afternoon and Saturday morning.

    Teaching Center: Polytechnic Engineering School of Gijón

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    Professional Opportunities

    The course aims to train experts for mutidisciplinar municipal and regional technical workteams, professionals of private companies dealing with urban planning and freelancers who collaborate with the public administrations.

    The course aims to meet the needs for professional specialisation of both public bodies and private companies in the field of urban planning. Therefore, students will gain training in the ability to handle the main sources of information and tools of urban analysis, to diagnose current rural and urban problems and to be able to issue a reasoned judgement about them and to formulate viable alternatives providing the knowledge and criteria necessary fot the management, implementation and completion of the different models of urban planning.


    This is a 20-week course distributed into one term of 30 ECTS credits.

      • A.1.1. Planning framework
      • A.1.2. Legal framework of urban planning, its evolution in Spain and its current status in the Principality of Asturias
      • A.1.3. Urban planning versus the paradigm of sustainability
      • T.1. Urban planning workshop
      • O.1. Additional activities
      • A.2.1. Urban information and conditions.
      • A.2.2. Legal framework of urban planning 2
      • T.2. Urban planning workshop
      • O.2. Additional activities
      • A.3.1. Land use, regulation, management and implementation
      • A.2.2. Legal framework of urban planning 2
      • T.2. Urban planning workshop
      • O.3. Additional activities

    End of course project


    Students will be assessed according to ghe following criteria:

    • Attendance of at least or over 80% to the activities (lessons, visits, seminars and tutorials).
    • Written examinations at the end of each module
    • The workhops and their acceptance by the academic commission

    All the subjects and activities of the course are compulsory.


    Coordination :

    • Ángel Martín Rodríguez

      Telephone: 985 18 22 36

      E-mail: martinangel@uniovi.es

      Office: Department of Building and Manufacture Engineering of the University of Oviedo

    • Agustín Hernández Aja

      E-mail: agustin.hernandez@upm.es