Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

  • Specialist's Degree in Conservation, Restoration and Rehabilitation of Buildings

    General Information

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Places: 40. Minimum number of students required: 30

    Duration: 1 Semester (30 ECTS Credits)

    Tuition Fee: €2,910

    Access Requirements:

    Being in possession of an official University Degree. Nevertheless, exceptionally, admission will be extended to professionals directly related to to the speciality of the course who lack a Degree, as long as they prove their professional careers and meet the legal criteria to access University courses.

    Please check the Agreement of November 29, 2007 of the Governing Council of the University of Oviedo, which approves the regulation of studies leading to Certificate Degrees and other Postgraduate Degrees (BOPA, January 12, 2008).

    Only period for pre-registration and enrollment

    • Pre-registration: June 2 to August 20
    • Provisional Lists of admitted applicants:September 4
    • Complaints: September 5-9
    • Definitive Lists: September 12
    • Enrollment: September 15-19

    Admission Requirements:

    In order to be admitted in this programme, students must hold a degree in Architecture, Technical Engineering or other professions with an ample experience in conservation, restoration and rehabilitation of buildings. If there are not enough students who meet this requirements, other degrees will be considered.

    Modality: Attendance required

    Schedule: Thursdays: Afternoons. Fridays and Saturdays: Mornings.

    Teaching Center: Polytechnic School of Engineering in Gijón

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    Professional Opportunities

    This course aims at providing professional, whether architects, engineers or other professionals related to the field of building and construction, with all the tools, knowledge and capabilities that are needed in order for them to carry out their professional activity in the most suitable way.

    Among the possible career opportunities after completing this course, some of the most important ones are:

    1. Specialist in conservation of built heritage.
    2. Specialist in building rehabilitation.
    3. Specialist in treatment of pathological processes.
    4. Specialist in habitability systems.


    This course length is 23 weeks organized in 1 term and with a total of 30 ECTS credits.

    • SUBJECT 1: Theory and practice of restoration.
    • SUBJECT 2: Diagnosis, Research and Preliminary Proceedings.
    • SUBJECT 3: Humidity and its treatment.
    • SUBJECT 4: Consolidation, Substitution y Reinforcement.
    • SUBJECT 5: Pathology and Intervention of frames and roofs.
    • SUBJECT 6: Rehabilitation of facilities.

    Online assessment.

    Joint proposal of final projects to be completed.

    Tutorship for the final project.

    Development and defence of the final project.


    • Rosa Bustamante

      Deparment of Building and Architectural Technologies

      Polytechnic University of Madrid

      Telephone: 913 36 65 64

      E-mail: rosa.bustamante@upm.es

    Coordination :

    • Ángel Martín Rodríguez

      Telephone: 985 18 22 36

      E-mail: martinangel@uniovi.es

      Office: Department of Building and Manufacture Engineering of the University of Oviedo

    • Juan Monjo Carrio

      E-mail: juan.monjo@upm.es

      Office: Deparment of Building and Architectural Technologies of the Polytechnic University of Madrid