Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

  • Specialist's Degree in Auditing of Accounts

    General Information

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Places: 35. Minimum number of students required: 15

    Duration: 1 year (35 ECTS credits)

    Tuition Fee: €4,250

    Access Requirements:

    Being in possession of an official University Degree. Nevertheless, exceptionally, admission will be extended to professionals directly related to to the speciality of the course who lack a Degree, as long as they prove their professional careers and meet the legal criteria to access University courses.

    Please check the Agreement of November 29, 2007 of the Governing Council of the University of Oviedo, which approves the regulation of studies leading to Certificate Degrees and other Postgraduate Degrees (BOPA, January 12, 2008).

    Only period for pre-registration and enrollment

    • Pre-registration: June 2 to August 20
    • Provisional Lists of admitted applicants:September 4
    • Complaints: September 5-9
    • Definitive Lists: September 12
    • Enrollment: September 15-19

    Admission Requirements:

    The course is mainly intended for graduates in Economics, Business Administration, Commercial Teachers, professionals of the field and all those willing to deepen into the knowledge of Auditing of Accounts.

    There is the possibility to take the course before completing the university degree. Candidates will then be applied the conditional optional fees.

    Modality: Attendance required.

    Schedule: Friday from 15.00 to 20.00 and Saturday from 9.00 to 14.00

    Teaching Center: Colegio Economista de Asturias

    Professional Opportunities

    The course will enable students to:

    1. Get trainning as highly-qualified professionals in the field of Auditing.
    2. Get high training both on the knowledge and the technical methodology used to effectively confront the development of the professional practice in the field of Auditing of the Accounts.
    3. Get the skills necessary to confront real problems posed in their professional activity due to the practical approach of the learning methodology used. /li>
    4. Avoid the first step of the process to access the Official Register of Auditors according to the official regulations.
    5. Be capable to enter the labour market via the internships period and the national recognition of this degree.


    The Specialist's Degree in Audit & Accounting has a duration of 35 ECTS credits.

    • MODULE I (22 ECTS credits)
      • International Regulations for Financial Information
      • Auditing Regulations.
      • Statistical Surveying.
      • Methodology of Auditing. Work Papers.
      • Global Case Example.
      • Quality Control for Corporations.
      • Auditing of Consolidated States.
      • Fiscal Auditing.
      • Audit Reports.
      • Organization of Auditing Firms.
      • Quality Control for Auditing Firms.
      • Commentary on the Examinations.
      • Enterprise Assesment Techniques and Viability Plans.
    • MODULE II (13 ECTS credits)
      • Regulations for the formulation of consolidated annual reports.
      • Accounting for financial and insurance entities.
      • Accounting for non-profit organizations.
      • Accounting for public entities.
      • Accounting for enterprises in creditor's meeting.
      • Analysis and projection of financial states.
      • Analytical, budgetary and management accounting of costs.


    • Ignacio Tamés Díaz Responsable Formación Postgrado

      C/ Alfonso III El Magno, 15 – 33001 Oviedo

      E-mail: i.tames@desarrollodirectivo.es

    Coordination :

    • Elena Fernández Rodríguez

      Telephone: 985 10 49 81

      E-mail: mefernan@uniovi.es

      Office: Department of Accounting. Faculty of Economy and Business. Telephone: 985 10 49 81

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