• The University awards 175 diplomas to students taking part in the EDP Foundation scholarship program

    July 15, 2015

    Students have undertaken paid internships in different branches of the company since October

    Los becarios de EDP posan con sus diplomas, con el rector y los representantes de la compañía
    A total of 175 students of the University of Oviedo, who take part in the EDP Foundation scholarship program have received their diplomas stating their training in the company. The Rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor, the general director EDP, Javier Sáenz de Jubera, and the director of EDP Foundation, Nicanor Fernández, awarded the diplomas to the students, in an event held in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Economics and Business.
    Both the Rector of the University and the representatives of EDP encouraged the students to make the most out of the experience acquired in their period as interns. Vicente Gotor also highlighted the importance of these internships as a way to access the labor market and thanked the company for the support and collaboration of the company. 
    Students started their training period in October. Since then, they have undertaken internships in different branches of the company. For example, there are interns in the thermal power stations of Aboño and Soto de Ribera, in the corporate headquarters in Oviedo, the substation of Corredoria or the work center in Roces, in Gijón.
    The EDP Foundation scholarships, resulting from the agreement signed with the University of Oviedo, amount to 2.170 euros. Each intern shall have a tutor assigned, who will help and supervise their work. During the 2014-2015 students from 30 different fields joined this program, coming from the degrees in Business Management and Administration and Industrial Engineering, with 44 and 25 interns respectively. 
    In addition to the agreement with the University of Oviedo, EDP Foundation has signed agreements with other Spanish universities and schools to promote training for more students in the facilities and work centers that the company has in other communities. Thus, more than 20 students undertake internships in Madrid, Barcelona, La Coruña, Valencia and Zaragoza.
    EDP Foundation scholarship program is one of the most important initiatives developed by the Foundation, as well as the most relevant internships program of the University of Oviedo. Since its implementation in 1984, more than 100 people who have joined this program have eventually been hired by Grupo EDP in Spain.