• Ambassadors from the League of Arabic Countries are interested in the teaching and the research of the University of Oviedo

    September 30, 2014

    The delegation takes advantage of its official visit to Asturias to hold a work meeting at the academic institution

    Meeting of the university authorities with members of the diplomatic delegation of the League of Arabic Countries

    The delegation of the League of Arabic Countries that this week has made an institutional visit to Asturias has shown interest for the teaching offer and the research that takes place in the University of Oviedo. Vice-Rectors for Internationalization and Postgraduate Studies, Covadonga Betegón; Teaching and Academic Planning, Julio Antonio González, and Students, Luis José Rodríguez, were in charge of hosting a work meeting with the ambabassadors and representatives of culture and business of the different Arabic states, alongside the Councilor for Education, Culture and Sports, Ana González. The Rector, Vicente Gotor, could not attend the meeting because he was in Madrid at the inauguration of the University academic year presided over by the King and Queen of Spain.

    The Vice-Rectors offered a presentation of the University of Oviedo and the Campus of International Excellence, and answered the numerous questions posed by the members of the delegation, who were especially interested in the offer of Postgraduate studies, the possibilities of mobility for the students and the transference of knowledge to the industrial sector.

    The Ambassador of Argelia and Dean of the League, Mohammed Haneche, acted as the speaker of the rest of the delegation, which was composed by: Musa Amer Odeh, embassador of the State of Palestine; Aida Abdelmagied El Skeik, embassador of the Republic of Sudan; Mohamed Alfaqueeh Saleh, embassador of Libia; Charbel Aoun, embassador of Lebanon; Abdulrazzak Al-Abdulghani, embassador of the State of Qatar; Sulaiman Abdullah Al-Harbi, embassador of the State of Kuwait; Mohamed Mezghani, embassador of the Tunisian Republic; Kifaya Khamis Miyah Al-Raisi, embassador of the Sultanate of Oman; Ahmed Hamadi Bahah, first councilor of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania; Abdulsalam Alawi Ahmed Al Awadhi, representative of the Republic of Yemen; Sultan Almezaini, first secretary and general director of the council of the embassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Abdellah Dghoughi, in chanrge of the cultural relations of the embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, y Naima Bouchema, in charge of the business of the League of Arabic States. The General Director of Asturex, Alfonso del Río, was also present during the meeting.

    The League of Arabic States, founded in 1945, is currently formed by 22 countries and represents a market with an strategic value for Asturian enterprises due to the proximity, cultural links and economic development that it has undergone during the past few decades.