• Vicente Gotor, reelected as Rector of the University of Oviedo with a 66.52% of the votes

    March 15, 2012

    The Professor of Organic Chemistry wins the Rectorship Election after defeating candidate Paz Andrés in all university sectors

    Vicente Gotor and Paz Andrés after the vote count.

    The Professor of Organic Chemistry, Vicente Gotor, has been reelected today as Rector of the University of Oviedo with a 66.52% of the weighted votes compared to the 33.62% obtained by Paz Andrés. The participation rates reached a 24%, which implies a 4% less than in the 2008 Rectorship Election. The up till now Rector, Vicente Gotor, obtained 3,720 votes - against the 2,332 votes received by Paz Andrés- and he was the most voted candidate in all sectors.

    By sector, the highest participation rate was that of Sector A, Doctors with a permanent connection to the University, with a 88.35% (1,175 voters); it is followed by the Administration and Services Staff (PAS) with a 85.15% (906); the Rest of the Teaching and Researching Staff registered a 50.43% of participation share (711 voters): finally, the Student sector, with a 16.17% of participation rate (3,748 voters) was 4 points lower than previous years.

    The campus with the highest participation rate was El Cristo B, with a 37.08%, followed by Central Oviedo and Humanities, with a 31.4%. Then LLamaquique-Los Catalanes had a 27.08% participation rate, El Cristo A a 20.75%, Mieres a 16%, Gijón- Viesques a 15.43% and Gijón-La Laboral a 10.28%.

    The University electoral roll registers a total of 26,982 voters. The final weighted vote is splitted into percentages among the following sectors: Doctors: 55%; Rest of Teaching and Researching Staff: 10%; Students of first and second cycles, degree, master or PhD: 25%; Administration and Services Staff: 10%.