• A Committee for the Linguistic Standardization of Asturian Language has been created

    March 25, 2011

    It will give advice to the rector regarding the use and promotion of the Asturian Language at the University of Oviedo.

    Language, the Rector of the University of Oviedo has promoted the creation of a Committee for Linguistic Standardization which will counsel him about this issue and which will be composed by the members of the diverse bodies that form the university community.
    This measure reflects the firm commitment accepted by the Rector, who aims to channel the requirements of a part of the university community, whose main objective is to boost similar actions as those already undertaken for the last three years. Some of these actions must be highlighted: the possibility of submitting compositions written in Asturian Language in the Auxiliary Registries of the University, the incorporation of the minor or the mention of the Asturian Language in the new degrees of Philology and Teaching; the use of the language as a tool for the institutional communication through the corporative website; or the translation of certain texts to Asturian Language, in which the latest edition of the news Statutes of the University is included.

    The Committee will be composed by:

    • Mr. Vicente Gotor Santamaría. Rector of the University
    • Mr. Víctor G. García García. Vice-rector for Research and Communications
    • Mr. David Melendi Palacio. Head of the Area for the Applications to management
    • Mrs. Ana María Cano González. Professor of the Department of Classical and Romanic Philology
    • Mr. Ramón D´Andrés Díaz. Teacher of the Department of Spanish Philology
    • Mr. Inaciu Galán y González. Student
    • Mr. Javier Cubero de Vicente. Student
    • Mr. Santiago Fano Méndez. Student