• The TESELAS project for research dissemination makes it radio debut on RPA

    February 24, 2014

    The weekly initiative offers the Asturian society the contents of some of the PhD Theses defended at the teaching institution

    Banner of the TESELAS program broadcast by TPA.

    The TESELAS informative program, broadcast each Saturday on the Televisión del Principado de Asturias at 13:30, will also be available starting this week on the Radio del Principado (RPA). While the TV show offers small audiovisual pieces produced by the University of Oviedo, the radio program will offer interviews with the authors of the theses, as part of the "La Buena Tarde" show, every Tuesday at 18:05.

    TESELAS, a joint initiative by the University and the Asturian public broadcast service, aims at bringing the work of young researchers closer to society, disseminating the discoveries of their PhD Theses. To do so, the researchers themselves have collaborated with the program, which approaches the research conducted at the academic institutions in all the fields of knowledge. The voice of the youngest researchers of the region serves to make public topics with great academic relevance.

    The project, part of the strategic actions of the Campus of International Excellence, tries to make available to all of society, in an accessible way, the scientific work that is developed in Asturias. The broadcast on RPA will being with the interview to Julia Amada Álvarez Viejo, author of the Thesis titled Estado de Derecho y Lucha contra el Dopaje, directed by the professor of the University of Oviedo Javier García Luengo.