• The TESELAS program awarded for giving visibility to the young researchers of the University

    May 26, 2015

    The Viewers and Listeners Association of Asturias de Asturias awards the project of the academic institution in collaboration with Radiotelevisión del Principado de Asturias (RTPA)

    The TESELAS program, developed by the University of Oviedo in collaboration with Radiotelevisión del Principado de Asturias (RTPA), has just been awarded by the Viewers and Listeners Association of Asturias (ATR). This initiative is awarded for promoting the research developed in the Asturian academic institution through PhD Theses.
    The jury has specially emphasized the contribution of this project, pioneer in Spanish Universities, to the "dissemination of the results achieved by scientists of the Asturian university community", and highlights as well the relevance of this program to "give visibility to the activities carried out by young researchers in the different branches of knowledge". The award ceremony will be held on June 12, in the Príncipe Felipe Auditorium of Oviedo, at 7 p.m.
    TESELAS is a dissemination project promoted by the University of Oviedo, in the framework of the Campus of International Excellence, aimed at bringing the work of young researchers closer to the Asturian society disseminating the content and findings collected in their PhD Theses. They are actually short audiovisual recordings produced under the supervision of the researchers, which deal with the studies developed in the academic institution in all branches of knowledge.
    The University signed an agreement with RTPA last year to include this program in their schedule. TESELAS is broadcast every Saturday at 13:30, and it offers the subtitling service for people with hearing impairment, in accordance with the UNE regulation. In addition, this project has also been taken to the radio, with a program available on Mondays at 6 p.m., as part of the program La Buena Tarde. The TV program has an audience of 11.000 weekly viewers, with 8,2 audience share. Some of the PhD Theses have had more than 20.000 viewers.
    Since the beginning of the project, in February 2014, more than a hundred TESELAS programs have been broadcast. The structure of the program is a first-person narration that answers key questions about each PhD Thesis and describes the main contributions the research work has achieved. It is fully developed by the University, by the audiovisual services office and the press office, which belong to the Vice-Chancellor for University Extension and Communication. 
    In addition to being broadcast on TPA, the program is also available on ‘TPA a la carta', in the digital portal of the local TV channel, and on the Audiovisual Channel of the University of Oviedo, the institutional website, where TESELAS has its own space.