• The a-dUO program will recognise the collaboration of Spanish students for their international mobilities

    September 14, 2012

    The collaboration in this program will mean extra scoring in the selection scale to opt for a Erasmus or a cooperation grant for the following academic year

    International students in the Campus of El Milán

    The Spanish students of the University of Oviedo have the chance to improve their score for next academic year's Erasmus and cooperation grants via the a-dUO program. It is one of the main advantages of taking part in this initiative which consists in putting foreign students in contact with the Spanish ones, preferably at the same campus, in a way that it favours the integration of the former into university life.

    This is a highly enriching experience because it makes it possible to strike up a friendship with people from other societies and to practise other languages. For the visiting students, this aid is crucial for an easier sense of direction in the cities, for finding accomodation, for using public transportation and, in short, for adapting themselves to Asturias.

    The following link offers more details of the program and the application form to take part in the the same.

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