• The Valdés-Salas Award in Applied Biomedicine widens its scope to Latin America

    May 18, 2012

    The discovery of the molecule which eradicates leukaemia type B, and its following development into a drug, were awarded in the last edition

    The Valdés-Salas Foundation announces the II Valdés-Sala Award in Applied Biomedicine, which aims to reward a biomedical research successfully used by a company either for the improvement of existing production processes or for the development of new products.

    In its first edition, the award targeted Spanish speaking countries whereas this year it widens its scope to researchers doing research at universities or public research centres with headquarters in countries belonging to the Organization of Ibero-American States for the Education, Science and Culture. Likewise, the researcher must take part in any national or international company from any nationality.

    The award, whose jury will be chaired by the Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the University of Oviedo, Carlos López-Otín, is a 10,000 euros prize. The applications for participation and the documents requested must be sent in digital format to the Valdés-Salas Foundation, before 14 pm on 31 October. The deadline for the announcement of the winner will be 17 December.

    Last year, this award was given to Joan Gil, Professor and researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona for the discovery of the molecule which ends up, in a selective way, with tumoral cells of leukaemia type B, and the company ADVANCELL, with which Professor GIL turned the molecule into a drug.

    The Valdés-Salas Foundation is a private entity which aims, among other things, to collaborate with the University of Oviedo to develop and strengthen its relations with companies. In these lines, the Foundation promotes the Award in Applied Biomedicine with the sponsorship of BAYER and COFAS, Cooperativa Farmaceutica Asturiana.

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