• The Minister Counselor of the Embassy of USA in Spain talks about the Spanish American relationship at the Campus of El Milán

    September 26, 2012

    The number two in the American diplimacy in our country announced the donation of The Library of America collection to the University

    Vicente Gotor and Luis G. Moreno shake hands.

    The Minister Counselor of the Embassy of USA in Spain, Luis G. Moreno, gave this morning a speech at the Campus of El Milán paying attention to some of the key aspects in the history and future of the relationship between both countries.

    The Rector, Vicente Gotor, welcomed the diplomat and was grateful for the donation the American Government will make to the University of Oviedo. It has to do with The Library of America collection, a compendium of works considered as "the most significant, outstanding North American literary output since its beginnings and until now".

    Moreno was moved by the fact of his being in Asturias, as his roots are in the region. The diplomat reviewed some of the most important ties between USA and Spain and answered to the questions on currenty issues posed by the students and lecturers present in the Assembly Hall of the Humanities Library.

    Luis G. Moreno was accompanied during the speech by the Director of the International Relations Office, Leticia Santos; the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Cristina Valdés, and the lecturer in the Department of Anglo-American Studies, Esther Álvarez, who introduced the conference and thanked the diplomat for his presence in Oviedo's campus.