• The IV International Contest of "Tunas" will gather more than 200 Tuna members in Asturias

    February 17, 2015

    The University Tuna of Maastricht will be the main guest in the event that will be held in Oviedo on February 20 and 21

    The Tuna of the University of Oviedo will host the IV International Contest of Tunas City of Oviedo, which will be held next Friday and Saturday in the Asturian capital. A total of five Tuna groups will take part in this event, which will start Friday evening with bands playing music in the main streets of the city. The contest is expected to gather more than 200 tuna members from different parts of Spain. 
    This time, the guest tuna in this event is the University Tuna of Maastricht, a group with a strong international orientation, as many of its members are from different nationalities. In addition, the University Tuna of La Coruña, the Tuna of the University District of Granada, the Tuna of the University of Almería or the Tuna of Economics of Jerez will also attend this contest. 
    The contest will take place next Saturday at 18:30 horas at the Filármonica Theater, and several prizes will be awarded. Entrance will be free for those who bring 1 kilo of any food to the theater, which will be donated to the Food Bank of Asurias.
    On this occasion, the presenters of the event will be Bithinia Inés Ruiz-Fustes Gutiérrez, honorary member of the University Tuna of Oviedo and Liv Parlee, blind pianist and one of the representatives in charge of collecting the 2013 Prince of Asturias Award for Concord, awarded to the Spanish Association for the Blind (ONCE).