• Photographer José Ferrero presents "The Elements" at the Cultural Centre LAUDEO

    February 28, 2012

    The University of Oviedo holds the first individual exhibition the artist has hanged in Asturias for 9 years.

    Photographer José Ferrero

    For 9 years, the photographer from Avilés, José Ferrero, had not hanged an individual exhibition in Asturias. The Exhibition Hall at the Cultural Centre LAUDEO (C/ San Francisco, 1) holds from today until 31st March The Elements, "a lively work and in progress", which shows the prestigious Asturian photographer's gaze toward basic elements from Nature.

    The exhibition, organized by the Vice-rector's Office for University Extension, Culture and Sports, can be visited in the Historic Building, for free, from 11 am. to 14 pm. and from 17 to 20.30 pm. from Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 10 to 13 pm.

    At the opening ceremony held this morning, Ferrero displayed his "delight" on exhibiting again in Asturias and he was grateful to the University for its support for The Elements to be seen also in the Principality. The artist admitted that the exhibition includes snapshots which "are difficult to see and completely lacking in matter because I have avoided spectacular elements". These works aim to "evoke moments and situations" through elements lacking identity.

    The Vice-rector for University Extension, Culture and Sports, Vicente Domínguez, was very pleased with " a prestigious artist such as Ferrero exhibiting in LAUDEO". Domínguez stressed the University's commitment to support and show works from Asturian artists. "From University Extension we try to develop a barricade and guerrilla culture in order to approach the public and show that very interesting things can be done without big budgets", he explained.

    The University of Oviedo will publish a catalogue with the pieces from The Elements and the mounting process of the exhibition.