• Dr. Alberto Orfao and the Cytognos Company awarded with the III Valdés-Salas Prize in Applied Biomedicine

    April 10, 2015

    The work developed by the researcher, alongside with the biotechnological company have allowed the development of the standardized and early detection system of leukemia and lymphoma which is used in 900 institutions worldwide

    Alberto Orfao y Fernando Martín durante el acto de entrega del galardón.
    Dr. Alberto Orfao, scientist from the Cancer Research Center of the University of Salamanca, and Fernando Martín Lara, financial director of the Cytognos Company, have been awarded this morning with the III Valdés Salas Prize of Applied Biomedicine for their innovative work concerning screening, classification, evaluation of the response to treatment and follow-up of almost all the different subtypes of leukemia and lymphoma. This Valdés-Salas Prize in Applied Biomedicine provides recognition to the successful research work developed by a Company, thus awarding the close relationship between the business and scientific world. 
    The rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor, has chaired the event held in the Main Hall of the Historical Building, also attended by Miriam Cueto Pérez, General Director for Universities of the Principality of Asturias, Dr. Carlos López-Otín, president of the selection board, and Francisco RoDr.íguez, president of ILAS-RENY PICOT and sponsor of the Valdés-Salas Foundation. 
    Around 900 institutions worldwide are currently using the early detection system of leukemia and lymphoma, developed thanks to the work carried out by Dr. Alberto Orfao and Cytognos. "This is not a personal prize", Dr. Orfao stated, and highlighted that "the University of Salamanca has been supporting us for two decades, and it has also recognized the effort made by each and every one of the 600 researchers that are part of this group."
    For his part, Martín Lara insisted on the special relevance of this prize stating that "bringing knowledge closer to companies and generating a new model for the funding of public science is essential". During his speech, Martín Lara also defended that "entrepreneurs shall put wealth generation before short-term profitability."
    The rector, Vicente Gotor, praised their work and highlighted the importance of having a university and business sector that work hand by hand in order to transfer the knowledge generated in the institutions to the society. "This prize is a good example of the potential of Universities concerning research, and their effort to transfer knowledge", Gotor explained, also congratulating the University of Salamanca.
    Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the University of Oviedo, Carlos López-Otín, presided over the selection board and emphasized that the awardees "are a brilliant example of a research work generated at University, and developed with rigor aiming to create new concepts and generate wealth." 
    The work jointly developed by Dr.. Alberto Orfao and Cytognos for more than two decades has resulted in more than 50 patents whose products commercialized in five continents. The Company has more than 40 employees.