• The Department of Geography has presented the Thematic Atlas of Spain

    February 22, 2011

    A team composed by 25 experts has dedicated more than 13 years of research to this cartographic work

    A plan of the work: Main land uses in Cadiz in 1912
    The Thematic Atlas of Spain contains more than 2.000 maps and thematic plans which describe and explain varied aspects of the country as the distribution of population and its characteristics, the shape of cities, its process of construction, the rural landscape, the agrarian and farming activities developed in it, the evolution of infrastructures, the economic, industrial and commercial zones…

    The head of the department of Geography, Amalia Maceda, has defined the work, in whose elaboration she also took part, as "a milestone in the work of Spanish geographers". This work is called to be a reference for the geographical knowledge of Spain as well as a tool for research and teaching. The emeritus professor Francisco Quirós Linares and the lecturer of Human Geography, Gaspar Fernández Cuesta, have led this project composed by 25 specialists, most of them linked to the University of Oviedo.

    This Atlas, presented yesterday in the Assembly Hall of the Historical Building of the University, comprises four volumes which culminate the overall project initiated with the publication of two volumes, designated as Geographical Atlas of Spain.