• The Social Council of the University of Oviedo approves budget for 2013

    January 31, 2013

    The Vice-Rectorate of Campuses, Centres and Departments merges with the Vice-Rectorates of IT and Economic Planning.

    The Rector, with the Vice-Rectors of IT, Economic Planning and Campuses.

    The Social Council of the University of Oviedo has approved the Project Budget of the University of Oviedo for the fiscal year 2013. Said sum passed through the university Governing Council on January 4 and amounts to a total of €197,908,321, which accounts for a reduction of 6.43% over the budget of the 2012 fiscal year. Being approved by the Social Council was the last step needed for the definite approval of the budget.

    Furthermore, a restructuration of the Governing Board has been announced this afternoon by the Rector, Vicente Gotor. This comes as a result of the departure of the Vice-Rector of Campuses, Centres and Departments, José Carlos Rico, who requested to be relieved of his post almost a month ago, citing personal reasons. "I asked him to wait until the budget for this fiscal year had been approved by the Social Council, and I thank him for his generosity in delaying his departure", remarked the Rector.

    The roles of this Vice-Rectorate will be taken on by other departments of the current governing body. The Vice-Rectorate of IT will assume the functions that belonged to the Campuses and Infrastructures, led by Vice-Rector Víctor Guillermo García. The functions of Centres and Departments will be rolled into the Vice-Rectorate of Economic Planning, Agreements and Contracts, led by Vice-Rector Santiago Álvarez.

    The Rector pointed out that, since the beginning of his second term, he has eliminated three Vice-Rectorates and several directors of Areas, the latest being the Delegate of the Rector for Equality. The Vice-Rectorate of Economic Planning will become responsible of carrying out the Equality Plan, which has been approved by the Governing Board this month and which will be integrated into the direction of the area of Employment and Work Placement.