• The Corazón de María School of Gijón wins the 2nd Contest of Logos and Slogans of Geography

    June 16, 2014

    The winners received their award during a ceremony that took place at the Department of Geography and will now compete in the national phase of the contest

    The group of winning students during the ceremony hosted at the Department of Geography.

    The Corazón de María School of Gijón has won the first prize in the 2nd Contest of Logos and Slogans of Geography, promoted by the Association of Spanish Geographers (AGE) and organized by the Department of Geography of the University of Oviedo, in collaboration with Ediciones Nobel.

    Gaspar Fernández Cuesta and Felipe Fernández, Director and Vice-Director of the Department of Geography respectively, accompanied by the Vice-Rector for University Extension and Communication and the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letter, Cristina Valdés, were in charge of awarding the winners with their prizes.

    All the winning slogans and logos of the first phase will go directly to the national second phase and will become part of a graphic document that will be distributed and sent to the Departments of Geography of several universities and many centers of secondary education.

    The contest, which has taken place in several autonomous communities of the country, aims at being an initiative that brings Secondary and Baccaulareate students closer to Geography through a creative vision of it, in order to stimulate their learning process.