• Cinema, economics and progressive rock, new offerings for University Extension courses

    January 18, 2015

    Registration for the second semester courses, which is free, and processed by order of enrolment, is now open and available online.

    The courses offered by the University Extension department have been renewed for this semester including two new proposals, a Cinema Classroom, which in its first edition will focus on documentary films, and an Economics Classroom, with a closer approach that describes the economic basis of our daily lives. Rock music, law or opera and zarzuela also have a relevant role in the academic offer of the University of Oviedo.

    These classes are free and open to all the Asturian society. Registration may be processed online. Vacancies for each of these courses will be covered in strict order of registration. Experts of the University of Oviedo and other independent professionals will join different programmes to deal with several subjects from a broad and rigorous perspective. The courses offered by University Extension aim to bring culture and science closer to all the society. Classes will start at the end of January and will finish in April. Students from the University of Oviedo who complete any of these seminar courses may have their ECTS credits recognized. The courses offered for the second semester are detailed below:

    Cinema Classroom. Under the title Filming reality, the first edition of the cinema classroom will focus on documentary films. Film-makers Ramón Lluís Bande and Marcos Merino, through the presentation of their full-length films Equí y n'otru tiempo and ReMine will share their filming experience that shows a specific historical reality. The group of professors includes relevant documentary makers like Fernand Melgar and Luis Argeo. The Cinema Classroom will be delivered in Oviedo and it offers a total of 80 vacancies.

    Economics Classroom. Experts will offer a different approach to understand the Economic basis of our daily lives to try to explain things like tax payment, tax evasion, unemployment benefits or the role of education in the economic market. A total of 50 people will be able to enroll in this class, which will be delivered in Avilés and will be led by professors Santiago Álvarez and María José Pérez Villadoniga. The deadline will end on February 9.

    Pop-Rock Music Classroom. The musical box. Progressive rock and related types of music is the stimulating name of the new edition of this classroom, which will be available in Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés, with 80 vacancies in each location. Many names have been given to the final period of the 60´s and the beginning of the 70´s (symphonic rock, art-rock, psychedelia, krautrock, fussion jazz, Rock in Opposition) and all of them will be addressed throughout the programme. The different profiles of the professors include professional musicians, musicologists, philosophers, historians and experts in education.

    Ópera and Zarzuela Classroom. This time, this class will be focused on Cinema and Lyric Theater taking films related to an original lyrical work as a basis. Musicology professor María Encina Cortizo is the director of this programme, with 50 vacancies and delivered in Oviedo. The deadline for registration will end on February 12.

    Legal Classroom. Domestic violence and its permanent and sad reality; the real estate boom concerning the church; the rights of patients or whatever they are not allowed to do or the everlasting problem of the regional planning in Spain are some of the topics addressed in the Legal Classroom La vida y las normas. El derecho que (nos) está pasando. Professor Miguel Ángel Presno Linera is the director of this programme with a total of 40 vacancies and delivered in the Center for University Services Avilés. The deadline for registration will end on February 4.

    Discussion Classroom. The Discussion Classroom organizes in this second semester an intensive programme to provide students with reasoning techniques and resources as well as to promote the participation of students of the University of Oviedo in the discussion forums held at the University, or in the interuniversity discussion forums organized by the G9 Group of Universities. These sessions will be delivered on Saturdays in Oviedo, and will be under the direction of Professor María José García Salgado. There are 40 vacancies and the deadline for registration will end on January 30.