• The International Centre of Post-graduate studies has presented an offer of university master's degres with 250 companies and institutions

    May 06, 2011

    The list includes three double degrees and 17 master's degrees with bilingual teaching, four of them completely taught in English.

    Coordinators of the university master's degrees
    The new International Centre of Post-graduate studies of the University of Oviedo has begun its activity with a list of university master's degrees for the next academic year in which, for the very first time, about 250 companies and institutions will take part. The renew offer of post-graduate studies in the framework of the Campus of International Excellence includes as main novelties the internationalization of the studies, through double degrees and joined programmed with foreign university; bilingual programmes, inter-universities cooperation; and the business participation. The University of Oviedo will offer 43 university master's degrees with more than thousand places for the academic course 2011- 2012.

    The vice-rectors for the Campus of International Excellence, Mª Paz Suárez Rendueles and Academic Planning and New Degrees, Covadonga Betegón, presented the International Centre of Post-graduate Studies and the new catalogue of university master's degrees to the academic community. This event was attended by the coordinators of the master's degrees and a wide representation of companies and institutions that take part in these programmes.

    Paz Suárez Rendueles referred to the Centre as one of the pillars of the Campus of International Excellence, as it mixes the principles of teaching quality, internationalization, inter universities cooperation and social and entrepreneurial cooperation. As an example of the international character of this offer, the master's will count with the teaching of fifty professors who come from foreign universities. The vice-rector stressed the great participation of institutions and companies. This means a new support for Ad Futurum project, whose strategic aggregation has almost reached 300 associates.

    The profile of the collaborative entities is quite varied. It includes town halls, regional ministries, public entities, multinational companies, quoted companies, regional business, regional and national technological institutes, entrepreneurial associations, professional colleges, social organizations and foundations, among others.

    On the other hand, Covadonga Betegón, vice-rector for Academic Planning and New Degrees, who manages the International Centre of Post-graduate studies, explained the main innovations of the university master's degrees and she advances that the next step will be the renovation of the continuous training offer and the PhD programmes.

    International master's degrees. The University of Oviedo has agreements with 15 European Universities in 11 countries, and associates in third countries, mainly in America. Within this section, 3 Erasmus Mundus master's degrees, which already are taught in the Asturian academic institution must be outstood. 4 more (which are still waiting to be approved) will be added to this list for the next academic years: Emergency and Critical Care Nursing, Web Engineering, Energy Conversion and Power Systems and Spanish Language and European Linguistics.

    Inter universities master's degrees. This new offer includes 8 programmes in collaboration with 13 Spanish universities. 18 more has to be added since they participate in the Master's degree in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling.

    Academic- professional master's degrees. Their main characteristic is that they offer a formative model oriented to the professional career, not only in bodies and entities, more oriented to research or public services. The University offers 29 programmes, 23 of them count with the participation, through an agreement, of about 250 institutions and companies, which collaborate in teaching, internships for students and joint guidance for master's degrees' final projects.

    Three double degrees: Biotechnology of Environment and Health, Analytical and Bio analytical Sciences (both in collaboration with the University of Pau- France), and History and Socio cultural Analysis, in collaboration with the University of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France). .

    Bilingual Teaching: 17 university master's degree which demand a B1 English level to study them. Four of these programmes are completely taught in English.

    Lasting of the studies: Broadly speaking, these studies have a minimum of 60 ECTS credits (a full-time academic course) and a maximum of 120 ECTS credits (two full-time academic courses).

    Preregistration and enrolment: Those graduates who want to study one of these master's degrees will be able to register until the 15th of May in its first call. The 30th of May the list of admitted will be published. There will be second call, from the 13th of June to the 10 of July, whose list of admitted candidates will be published on the 26th of July. The period of registration has been fixed from the 30th of August to the 9th of September.


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