• The Student Housing Information Centre opens its virtual office

    February 17, 2012

    The new computer application allows visitors to look for or offer flats for rent in Oviedo and Gijón

    From the left to the right, Ana Alonso, Luis Rodríguez, Rubén Rosón and the rector, Vicente Gotor during the presentation.

    The Student Housing Innovation Centre (CIVE), administered by the Vice-Rector's Office for Students and Employment, already has a virtual office. This morning, the rector, Vicente Gotor, presented the new computer application, which will allow students and owners to look for or offer housing for rent in Oviedo and Gijón. Vicente Gotor was accompanied by the vicer-rector for IT and Communications, Víctor Guillermo García, and the President of the Student Council of the University of Oviedo, Rubén Rosón.

    So far, the CIVE had some offices in Oviedo and Gijón, but not a virtual office. Fron now on, university students will be able to find accommodation through this platform and using different criteria (area, price, shared or individual flats...). Furthermore, owners with properties for rent will be allowed to publish their offers in the system without registering and to upload their advertisements with all information and photos concerning the flat.

    The President of the Student Council, Rubén Rosón, highlighted the importance of this kind of initiatives for the student community "specially in a moment like this, when market prices make it impossible to gain access to housing".

    The new CIVE application aims at becoming a meeting point for requesters and owners in order to make it easier to look for housing and also hire those houses which are empty.

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