• The Campus of Mieres promotes a Science and Technology Network to develop research in natural resources

    May 05, 2015

    The network groups a hundred researchers from Indurot, Cecodet, Unit of Research in Biodiversity and several research groups

    Vista del salón de actos durante la presentación de la Red de Investigación en Recursos Naturales.
    One hundred researchers, more than 500 publications SCI, twenty European projects, a hundred national and regional projects, more than 200 contracts with companies and 60 PhD Theses directed are some of the relevant data that support the scientific activity related to the Campus of Mieres in the last five years. Taking this potential into account, the Science and Technology Network has just been established for the Research in Natural Resources (Natural Resources Tech-net), and has been presented by the rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor; the Mayor of Mieres, Aníbal Vázquez; the general director for Universities and Research, Miriam Cueto; the president of Hunosa, Teresa Mallada; the director of Indurot, Jorge Marquínez, and the director of the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Mieres, Asunción Cámara, the latter being representatives of the researchers network.
    Since it was created, the Campus of Mieres has hosted numerous researchers whose activity is mainly focused on knowledge, assessment and management of natural resources. Lecturers from the Polytechnic School of Engineering, coming from different departments, have gathered together in several research groups, in addition to those already established, like Indurot, Unit of Research in Biodiversity, Cecodet and the Hunosa Chair.
    This new network aims to promote the potential of research linked to the campus, on the boundary line between science and engineering, and to take advantage of the synergies that may be generated by all the groups in this network. In addition, it also aims to advance in applied research to offer society the best services possible.
    The authorities taking part in the presentation of this network agreed to highlight the importance of showing a firm commitment to innovation, and providing recognition to the work developed in the field of natural resources, through a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary research. 
    At present, the members of this network are: Indurot, Cecodet, Mixed Unit of Research in Biodiversity, Hunosa Chair, Hydraulic Engineering, Mapping Engineering, GIS Forest, Plant production, Development Engineering, Energy economics, Plant physiology and Hydrogeophysics and Non Destructive Testing Modelling Unit.