• The Area of Sports and Health launches a new website

    March 21, 2012

    It includes all the activities developed by the Sports Service, current affairs concerning the different competitions and the guidelines to do healthy physical exercise.

    Homepage of the website of the Area of Sports and Health.

    The Area of Sports and Health from the Vice-Rector's Office for University Extension, Culture and Sports has its own website: This web portal has been developed by the Innovation Centre (C1NN) in order to give berth to the contents related to university sports activities.

    The web compiles everything related to the university's sports: installations, sports activities, associated sports in which the university participates, current affairs concerning competitions, high- level sports programs; it also includes everything in relation with sports practice as a healthy way of life.

    The results from the different competitions are given more prominence. The website will be including both more contents and more detailed information on the different university teams and videos of the events and encounters they take part in. The section devoted to health will also be enriched with more advices to take advantage of the benefits sports practice offers.

    The videos of relevant competitions, activities and institutional events will be published on the YouTube channel of the Area, which has also a notable presence in its Facebook profile.