• 92.5% of the Asturian students pass the University Access Examination in June

    June 12, 2014

    Exam revision will be available to students during June 14, 16 and 17

    The University of Oviedo has registered a 92.52% of passes in the University Access Examination (PAU) during the call of June, in which a total of 3,957 students took part. The general average of the mark to access the University is 6.891, a similar number to the average mark of the call of June of 2013. The highest mark achieved is 9.964 and two students have achieved a mark equal or higher to 9.90.

    Check the marks of the June 2014 call of the PAU and request a revision

    By subjects of the General Phase, in Spanish Language and Literature the percentage of passes reaches the 77.27% of the total and the average mark is of 6.19. In English, 66.55% of the students passed the exam, with an average mark of 5.77. The percentage of passes in History of Spain reaches the 80.89% of the students, with an average mark of 6.61. In the case of History of Philosophy, 80.51% of the students passed the exam with an average mark of 6.40.

    In the Specific Phase, the results achieved in Biology are noteworthy, with a 86.46% of passes and an average mark of 7.33; in Chemistry, a 66.7% of the students passed with an average mark of 5.68; Enterprise Economics, with a 84.97% of passes and an average mark of 6.73, and Physics, where a 82.34% of students passed with an average mark of 6.95.

    Moreover, only 243 took part in the Specific Phase: 133 coming from Higher Grade Formative Cycles and 110 coming from the Baccalaureate.

    The students who want a revision of their exams may apply for one on June 14, 16 and 17, at 14:00. The publication of the first period of revisions will be on June 23 starting at 19:00. The period for complaints on the double correction of the revisions will take place on June 24, 25 and 26. On June 30, the marks for the second period of revisions will be posted publicly.

    The marks achieved at the PAU examination may be checked through the App of the University of Oviedo, which is available for download in the following link:

    For the PAU 2014, the University of Oviedo will provide the certificate of qualifications in a digital format, available for students at the website of the University, which may be accessed with their national ID and PIN. These certificates do not require official validation to be used in any University or public administration.