• David Bowie, archeology and human evolution open the new course of the University Extension Classrooms

    September 17, 2013

    The University proposes a program with more than 460 places in Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés, which also includes literature, drama and classical music. The enrolment will be free and assigned based on the order of registration, and will begin tomorrow for anyone interested.

    From left to right, Leopoldo Sánchez Torre, Miguel Arbizu, Julio Ogas, Eva García, Vicente Domínguez, Etelvino Vázquez and Eduardo San José.

    The music of David Bowie, human evolution, work as a literary protagonist or the archeological techniques used to recreate the life of our ancestors are some of the proposals that the University of Oviedo is offering for this course as part of the University Extension Classrooms program. The enrolment period starts tomorrow for the first six classrooms, which offer more than 460 places in Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés. The classrooms are open for the general public and the assignment of places is conducted in strict order of registration.

    The Office of the Vice-Rector for University Extension and Communication once again offers to the university community and to the Asturian society an innovative proposition of classrooms with themes as diverse as opera, law, archeology or literature, to which, this course for the first time, adds the Classroom of Scientific Thought, with a workshop on evolution. Noted specialists from the Asturian academic institution and experts on the field participate in each of the classrooms.

    The University Extension Classrooms maintain the model used in previous years, which seeks to disseminate culture and science among society. Classes will begin next October and some of the programs will be conducted throughout the whole academic year, while other will only last for a semester. The students of the University of Oviedo who complete any of these seminars will be able to validate them for ECTS credits. The offer for this semester is as follows:

    Pop-Rock Music Classroom. David Bowie: The man who sold the world is the enticing title of this new edition of this classroom, which will be offered in Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés with 80 places for each site. The enrolment period closes on October 7. Few figures in the history of rock have represented and influenced so much the changes in this style as David Bowie. The course, directed by Eduardo Viñuela with the collaboration of musicians like Igor Paskual or Pelayo Pastor, will approach not only the biographical aspects of the artist in each period of his life, but also his social, political and economic context, as well as the evolution of the musical scene, the influence of other artistic expressions in his works, etc.

    Archeology Classroom. The program directed by Marco de la Rasilla Vive and Elías Carrocera Fernández will bring its 30 participants closer to the basic research techniques employed by archeology. The enrolment period closes on October 9 and the course will be offered in Oviedo. The classroom will reveal how we can reconstruct the ways of life and the natural environment in which our ancestors lived, and it will also offer practical examples of the research conducted in some Asturian sites.

    Classroom of Scientific Thought. Astrophysicists, biologists, geologists, prehistorians, actors and genetists compose the wide range of specialists that this year will part in the Workshop on Evolution directed by Eva García Vázquez, Miguel Arbizu, Belén López and Agustín Roca. A total of 40 people will be able to enrol in this course, which aims at understanding the enormous diversity of life in our planet through evolution to rethink our role in the universe. The program will be offered in Oviedo and Avilés and the enrolment period ends on October 9.

    Readin Classroom (Prose) This new edition of the Reading Classroom in prose is devoted to the novel of jobs: works where labor is the protagonist. With this thematic unity, the participants will visit authors and professions as diverse as Zola, Pamuk, Aldecoa or Menéndez Salmón to approach the lives of teachers, assassins, journalists or fishers. Directed by Professor Eduardo San José Vázquez, the program will offer 40 places in Oviedo throughout the academic year. The enrolment period ends on October 29.

    Drama Classroom Until October 11, everyone who is interested may apply for one of the 60 places available in the Drama Classroom directed by Etelvino Vázquez and which takes place at the Campus of El Milán. The classroom proposes its students to approach drama both from the point of view of acting as well as from the knowledge of the history of drama and its different styles and ways of acting.

    Ibero-American Music Classroom "Grupo de Oviedo" (AMIGO). The activity of AMIGO will be focused on the interpretation of a repertoire for chamber groups or solists, and thus the participants are required to have an adequate interpretative capacity and technique. The classroom offers 12 places for Oviedo, and the enrolment period will end on October 22.